The original creator of the Tayana 37 (T-37) was Bob Berg, former owner of Flying Dutchman Yachts in Seattle. He took his preliminary ideas to Bob Perry, who then did the final design. Those of you who have heard of the BaBa should know that was Bob Berg's nickname in the Chinese yard where he oversaw the construction of the early Tayana's.

According to Nan San Chiu, first Sales Manager of the building yard, TaYang means "big ocean" in Chinese. When an "a" is substituted for the last letter of a word, it denotes the possessive sense. Thus Tayana means "belongs to the big ocean."

Tayana Yachts have been considered the leader in building custom interiors for the last two decades, offering it's clients the luxury of a living arrangement they prefer rather than having to settle for the compromise of a production boat. Using the finest in solid exotic woods the best equipment such as Lewmar, Whitlock, Yanmar engines and Seldan Spars to name but a few, Ta Yang has achieved the reputation for building one of the finest semi custom blue water cruising yachts in the world.

"Our aim is to create outstanding styling, live aboard comfort and safety at sea for every proud Tayana owner."